S2E10: Gold Beyond the Stars
the Department of Variance of Somewhere, OhioFebruary 07, 2024x
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S2E10: Gold Beyond the Stars

Here it is, the end of season two!

Olivia takes the long road back home. Yellow convinces Lapis that this is all completely normal. Violet leaves the Department while Jasmine and Scarlet prepare for what's to come.

(CWs: alcohol, blood, worms)

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Cast of episode 10: Jess Syratt, Em Carlson, Tatiana Gefter, Cody Heath, Tal Minear, Maria Corcobado, Emily Kellogg.

Art by NerdVolKurisu, episode promo art by Meredith Baird

Written, scored, and edited by Rat Grimes.

Transcripts available in episode notes at somewhereohio.com