S02E06: The Great Wurm
the Department of Variance of Somewhere, OhioJanuary 10, 2024x
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S02E06: The Great Wurm

Orange has a rough night, but a strange new ally gives him direction. Olivia, Alex, and Nadia try to escape the creepy mall. Sterling and Green have a dinner date.

(CWs: blood, violence, body horror, alcohol, smoking, worms, derealization)

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Cast of episode 6: Jess Syratt, Em Carlson, Tatiana Gefter, Rae Lundberg, Cody Heath, Maria Corcobado, Sean Pellington, William A Wellman, and Lilly Chau.

Art by NerdVolKurisu, episode promo art by Meredith Baird

Written, scored, edited, and narrated by Rat Grimes.

Transcripts available in episode notes at somewhereohio.com