Episode 8: Dead Letter Overflow
the Department of Variance of Somewhere, OhioJanuary 25, 2023x
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Episode 8: Dead Letter Overflow

Jasmine loses contact with Scarlet. Violet helps Jasmine navigate the Dead Letter Office overflow storage (or doesn’t), and Jasmine meets an Operator. Now the game is up. 

(CWs: cops, food, relationship discussions, body horror, psychedelics mention)

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In this award-winning comedy fiction podcast, a radio jockey in the future uses a newfangled device to live-stream his nightmares for ratings. All hell breaks loose.


Cast, in order of appearance: Jesse Syratt, Em Carlson, Emily Kellogg, Shaun Pellington, Justin Hatch, William A. Wellman, Tatiana Gefter, Saph the Something, Taylor Michaels, and special guest Shannon Strucci.

Art by NerdVolKurisu

Written, scored, edited, and narrated by Rat Grimes.

Transcripts available in episode notes at somewhereohio.com