Episode 1: New Employee Orientation
the Department of Variance of Somewhere, OhioDecember 07, 2022x
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Episode 1: New Employee Orientation

Episode 1: The Department of Variance, a clandestine government agency, experiences a crisis and the building goes into lockdown. Two employees–Jasmine Control and Scarlet Jaunt–are stuck on different floors as the emergency begins. The two must communicate and get to the bottom of the skyscraper however they can.

(CWs: voice modulation, implied death, strong language)

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Cast, in order of appearance: Jesse Syratt, Em Carlson, Emily Kellogg, Shaun Pellington, Justin Hatch, William A. Wellman, Tatiana Gefter, Saph the Something, Taylor Michaels, and special guest Shannon Strucci.

Art by NerdVolKurisu

Written, scored, edited, and narrated by Rat Grimes.

Transcripts available in episode notes at somewhereohio.com