BONUS ACTUAL PLAY: Triangle Agency - A Short Trip
the Department of Variance of Somewhere, OhioJune 08, 202302:39:45206.68 MB

BONUS ACTUAL PLAY: Triangle Agency - A Short Trip

This week, we're releasing a play session of the upcoming indie tabletop game Triangle Agency by Haunted Table Games, starring the voices of Scarlet (Em Carlson), Violet (Tatiana Gefter), Green (William A. Wellman), and Fern Daemon (Taylor Michaels), and it's GMed by one of the creators, Caleb Zane Huett. 

Follow these supernatural office workers as they try to avoid standing out at a frat party and attempt to contain three dangerous anomalies disguised therein. It's not directly related to the Department of Variance, but the game is heavily inspired by Control (like the DoV), and has related vibes. I also wanted to spotlight another great indie creator in a similar genre, even if it's a different medium.

There's no transcript quite yet. I'm working on it, but since there's no base script to work from, it takes a LOT longer.

Don't forget to check out their crowdfunding campaign! 


CWs, some spoilers: alcohol, animal death (supernatural entity in the form of a dog)